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Monday, November 30, 2009

Two families, twice the fun

It's that time of year for family pictures. Enjoy the peaks from these two sessions.

Session 1
It seems like just last week it was warm and sunny. Now it feels almost like it could snow any day. Of course, the day of this shoot was drizzly and sad, but that didn't stop this cute family from smiling... well half of them anyway :)
blogBrownsxmas3 copy


His little smile is so adorable. Look at those dimples!
blogBrownsxmas12 copy 2

Session 2
14 people all looking at the camera. What are the odds of that?
blogWhites and Alexanders3

3 girls and a little brother... who do you think gets spoiled?
blogWhites and Alexanders13

blogWhites and Alexanders25 copy

I had to post this picture... I love it! Every family has one... can you tell who it was in this family? I was clicking so fast I didn't even notice while I was at the shoot.
blogWhites and Alexanders26

Monday, November 2, 2009

Beach Boys

What could be more perfect than sunset on the beach? The boys had a great time playing with their trucks and I had a great time capturing their great smiles! I'd love to go back to the beach for another session, so if anyone is interested, let's go!





Patagoc6 copy


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